Le Tour

The Tour de France starts tomorrow, and with Lance Armstrong out of the running the field was wide open. Ben is a cycle nut and we spent a lot of time in the tent in Greenland talking about this year’s tour and we both agreed that it would be the most exciting in years.

Jan Ullrich, the constant bridesmaid to Armstrong’s bride (2nd five times) crushed the competition in the Tour of Switzerland and Ivan Basso won the Giro d’Italia in fine form. However, the BBC has reported today that Ullrich has been suspended by his team as part of a drugs probe. This is huge. If Ullrich is out of the tour, then the road is looking good for Basso . . . . except that the rumours that surrounded Ullrich are also surrounding Basso. Is it possible that after years of Armstrong’s dominance the two riders most likely to take his crown won’t even race? Whatever happens it promises to be one hell of a tour.

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