Furthest North

On 6 March, medicine Rosie Stancer stepped off Ward Hunt Island and on to the frozen surface of the Arctic Ocean. With temperatures sinking past -50C, cialis her eyelashes elongated with ice and every millimetre of exposed skin burning with the cold she pulled her sledge over serried ranks of 30 feet high barriers of […]

A watch buried at the North Pole by a descendant of Roald Amundsen (one of the official ones rather than the chap I met) washed up on the shores of the Faroe Islands and was found by a young boy a few days ago. (via BB).


There’s a certain blog paralysis that creeps in after a certain amount of time has passed that makes going back to the blog yet more difficult. The urge to precis events is suffocated beneath yet more events, none of which necessarily make for a particularly coherent story. On reflection, I have decided to provide some […]

Frances at 76 Degrees South has been taking a break from her work at Halley station in Antarctica to visit the local penguins. She has some beautiful photographs on her site and you can find more at her flickr page where incredible Antarctic vistas, buy wildlife and life on an Antarctic base compete with the […]

Jamais vu

Today I sat on an orange sofa and explained an idea I’d had after my front tyre exploded on the marylebone flyover and I’d had to walk the six miles to Ben’s dragging my bike and cursing my absent-minded shortage of inner tubes. I sat there in the offices of the mighty IDEO and explained […]

Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill, who pranged their helicopter in Antarctica during a similar attempt in 2003, will be attempting to fly around the world via both poles this December. Colin in particular proved himself to be a bit of a hero after they crashed last time and I really hope they make it this […]

The Winterover Halfway Film Festival

The science and support types living through six months of darkness at the South Pole need to provide their own entertainment. Thus the Winterover Halfway Film Festival (WHIFF) was created. The production values and performance quality easily matches that of the best Cannes entrant and the special effects are truly groundbreaking. Many of the film […]

In Greenland

We touched down this morning in Kulusuk East Greenland and immediately made our way over to the helicopter taking us to Tasiilaq. We went, but our kit didn’t as the helicopter was overloaded. We are now waiting for the rest of the kit to turn up tomorrow. Good news is that we have seen our […]

With their natural habitat disappearing fast, ask polar bears seem to have been trying different ways to speed up their evolutionary response. Hunters near Iqaluit have managed to shoot a hybrid polar-grizzly bear, the first recorded in the wild. Well, at least it was until they killed the poor thing.