Four things I learned on a round-the-world yacht race

11 years ago this month, urologist  I stepped aboard a 72-foot racing cutter affectionately called The Good Ship Logica and began a 10-month round the world yacht race, the only one to go around the world against the currents and prevailing winds. Below deck, I was the geek, making sure the satellite could broadcast despite […]


There is always a question for me as to how we perceive talent when it is something that is difficult to measure mathematically. With a sprinter we can measure his time, women’s health but it becomes progressively more difficult with more abstract things such as musical talent that rely on perception. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book […]

Le Tour

The Tour de France starts tomorrow, allergy and with Lance Armstrong out of the running the field was wide open. Ben is a cycle nut and we spent a lot of time in the tent in Greenland talking about this year’s tour and we both agreed that it would be the most exciting in years. […]