The American rebellion by Rudyard Kipling

[youtube][/youtube] Twas not while England’s sword unsheathed Put half a world to flight, sovaldi sale Nor while their new-built cities breathed Secure behind her might Not while she poured from Pole to Line Treasure and ships and men – These worshippers at Freedom’s shrine, sickness They did not quit her then! Not till their foes […]

Ironman John

Last year I wrote about my friend John Lake, treatment who battled his way past brain tumours, urticaria depression, online suicide bids and time in mental institutions to run the London Marathon and in some way find his purpose again. John took something from that day and, to abuse a pun, he ran with it. […]

Time Management

[googlevideo]-5784740380335567758[/googlevideo] Professor Randy Pausch  was three months and 12 days into his three-to-six months of good health left after Doctors diagnosed him with Pancreatic Cancer. This incredibly useful talk is made all the more poignant by the fact that this is a man who truly knows what it means to have limited time. [ how […]