Riding our luck

Yesterday, our flight experience consisted of getting upgraded, blagging our way through fast-track with cheeky smiles and not being blown up. This was a good start to the day. Heathrow apparently shut up shop shortly after we left because of a massive terrorist attack attempt that would have either cancelled or massively delayed our flight. This was a little crazy to read the morning after flying to New York.

Back in my favourite town, we raced from the airport to our first meeting on the roof of Soho House with a wonderful publisher called David and the incomparable Ariane de BonVoisin and didn’t leave for about 12 hours. With Michelle Rodriguez of ‘Lost‘ sitting at the next table we proceeded to meet a barrage of incredible people who all brought new and refreshing ideas to SOUTH.  It’s hard to explain how it feels to hear bright, brilliant people becoming engaged with an idea you had stuck in a boat in the Southern Ocean, it’s hugely exciting and a little unnerving at the same time.

We are just about to head off for our first 7am meeting and if our schedule is even remotely accurate, the pace won’t let up anytime soon. But right now I wouldn’t have it any other way.