Jamais vu

Today I sat on an orange sofa and explained an idea I’d had after my front tyre exploded on the marylebone flyover and I’d had to walk the six miles to Ben’s dragging my bike and cursing my absent-minded shortage of inner tubes. I sat there in the offices of the mighty IDEO and explained […]

The FT has a great feature on ‘America’s urban Shakespeare’ in its weekend magazine. It’s not every day that the FT quotes hip-hop lyrics in its articles, though in print they lose much of the lyrical flow that makes them so incredible live.

Seven & Seven

Having lived in the beating heart of London for so long, patient I thought I was pretty much unshockable when it comes to the arts. I didn’t raise an eyebrow when Puppetry of the Penis came to town, recipe I didn’t raise my head from my paper to acknowledge Damien Hirst’s rotting livestock, ed my […]

The ‘dam

The Easter weekend was expensively spent celebrating my good friend Colin McCann’s impending marriage to the beautiful Jo Nielsen in Amsterdam. After throwing go-karts around the track at 50mph and subsequently playing football against some heavy-set locals I didn’t manage to pick up any silverware. However, shop I managed to set one car on fire, […]

A Fort Myers (Florida) school superintendent has banned a marching band from visiting London because of the risk of terrorist attack. My affronted fellow Londoners responded by pointing out Fort Myers’ crime and homicide rates, its record number of traffic deaths and its propensity to get flattened by hurricanes. You have to love a bit […]

Purple plus

I am lucky enough to rent a beautiful Victorian house in vibrant/violent Kentish Town. I’ve been there a few years now and have had (with my flatmates) the bottom two floors, while the top floor was taken by a man in his sixties called Michael. Michael had been a librarian at the University of London […]


Today is my father’s birthday. 59 years ago today in a mudhut on the shores of Lake Victoria in Tanganyika (now Tanzania), ampoule he came squealing into this world and became the scion of the Haile family. I have always been fascinated by his childhood, spent in an alien country during the sunset of the […]

Mr Hudson

Last night I was lucky enough to get on the guestlist for the awesome Mr Hudson and the Library at the Water Rats in Kings Cross (it helps when you live with the bassist). A recent Observer review said that they stood out like tropical birds in a sea of grey indie clones, site and […]