In Greenland

We touched down this morning in Kulusuk East Greenland and immediately made our way over to the helicopter taking us to Tasiilaq. We went, but our kit didn’t as the helicopter was overloaded. We are now waiting for the rest of the kit to turn up tomorrow. Good news is that we have seen our sledges and they survived the journey pretty well. They may not even need new runners, which will save us a job.

Looking out my window, I can see snow-covered mountains, a frozen sea and a rather forlorn wooden boat trapped by the ice. There are a few small colourful houses interspersed among the rock and it is hard to believe that this hamlet is the biggest town in East Greenland. I cannot imagine anything more diametrically opposed to the Manhattan streets of a week ago. Hopefully, we will be able to reach the ice cap tomorrow, but we will have to see how everything pans out. In the arctic, patience is a necessary virtue.

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