Tony Haile, roadie.

Mr Hudson @ Flaxon PtootchLiving with the bassist of London’s hottest new band, Mr Hudson & the Library, has its advantages. It means you get to hear when there will be an impromptu rooftop gig for the denizens of Kentish Town road. It means you get to stand with three hundred people completely disrupting the traffic for a few short minutes as the band kicked off, waitresses from the local speakeasy served free cocktails, people danced in the street and we all felt like a true community, which is a rare feeling in London these days.

It also means that when they mention casually that they are supporting Erykah Badu at Somerset House, you point out that someone who in part makes his living from moving heavy things would be a useful backstage presence. So thus it was that last Friday and Saturday night were spent lugging amps, speakers, bass guitars and pianos around the stage of the most beautiful venue in all England before listening to my friends play the biggest gig of their life so far and then watch Ms Badu get her groove on.

Mr Hudson playing Somerset HouseMr Hudson and his band lit up the stage and got a fantastic reception from the assembled throng, Ace reporter and photographer Carl Wilkinson took some great shots and has kindly put them up on Flickr for everyone’s delight and delectation. Erykah was late the first night (apparently she was jetlagged and fell asleep) and phoned it in a little, but Saturday night was fantastic as she ripped the night apart. The only possible problem was when I accidentally barged into her pre-gig prayer group on my way to the bathroom. Luckily all eyes were contemplating the lord and few were contemplating me so I made my escape. The only thing that would have made the night more fun would have been not knowing that I was due to leave early the next morning for a 90-mile training ride with Ben.

3 responses to “Tony Haile, roadie.”

  1. That sounds amazing. People never ask me to be their roadie, and for the life of me I cannot understand why.

    That picture from the stage looks incredible. As does the Kentish Town one. How very cool.

  2. Hmmm, don’t think either of you would be able to go up on stage without grabbing the mike and serenading the gathering audience. Mind you, I probably should have given that a try myself.