There’s a certain blog paralysis that creeps in after a certain amount of time has passed that makes going back to the blog yet more difficult. The urge to precis events is suffocated beneath yet more events, none of which necessarily make for a particularly coherent story. On reflection, I have decided to provide some bullet points and then continue on as though nothing has happened. Since I last posted on this site I have:

  • Put together a major solo North Pole expedition
  • Simultaneously tested new polar equipment while entertaining a small five-year-old boy with my monster/giant impressions.
  • Spent time in Toronto, Ottawa, Iqaluit, Resolute, Montreal, London and New York
  • Performed two snowmobile rescues for individuals stranded on the sea ice (mentally playing the Ride of the Valkyries all the while)
  • Had my name appear on the inside cover of a major label album release.
  • Moved continents and set up in New York
  • Met Barbara Bush (the twin, not the Granny)
  • Learned what shuffleboard is
  • Screamed at UPS “just who the hell do I have to wake up in which country to get this package delivered on time”
  • Learned that my street is the major route of choice for all night-time emergency services in New York
  • Tried Ashtanga yoga
  • Met the Inuit grandson of one of Roald Amundsen’s flings
  • Competed in a Scotland 10K in Central Park
  • Written a soon-to-be published piece for the Grauniad

And met innumerable interesting and warm-hearted people along the way.